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    Style It Right

    How To Tie Your Blanket Scarf

    How To Tie Your Blanket Scarf

    So you bought this adorable blanket scarf thanks to RandomRegalia and you open it up... now what? This thing is huge... much bigger than you expected. Well have no fear we are here to help you! Here is a step by step on how to tie your blanket scarf like a pro. 



    Step 1. Open up your blanket scarf all the way and hold one hand on each side

    Step 2. Fold your blanket scarf by taking your left hand (while still holding your scarf) and grabbing the bottom right piece of your scarf making a triangle

    Step 3. Bring both hands up around behind your neck and tie the scarf together at a reasonable length

    Step 4. Pull the excess pieces around front and tie together

    Congrats! You have successfully styled your new scarf and are ready to hit the town