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    Kimono.. Yes or No?

    Kimono.. Yes or No?

    The newest fashion trend for this up coming season are colorful Kimono's. At first we weren't sure if we wanted to just jump on this trend or not so we tried it out before making our final decision. What draws us to this trend are the beautiful patterns and the fact that they can be worn with anything! As a busy mother anything I can grab, throw on, and that looks trendy I am all for! 


    Our final verdict: Kimono's YES!
    • Adds a Splash of Color to your Outfit 
    • Perfect Swimsuit Cover Up
    • Great to Dress up or Down
    • Wonderful for Maternity Wear
    • Pair with a Romper for a Chic Look
    • Wear with jeans for a Boho Look
    • Easy to Grab and Go

    Wear with distressed shorts and a tank for beach fun

    For a reasonable price you can't go wrong with these fun Kimono's 

    Dress your Outfit Up



    If you are ready to purchase simply check out our Women's Collection and place your order! 

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